Stranded Deep ( LINUX) [amd64] [Multi] [Steam] [Unity3D]

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Хэмжээ 1.4 GB
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Year : 2015
Genre : Survival, Building, First Person
Developer : Beam Team Games
Publisher : Beam Team Pty Ltd
Engine : Unity
Multiplayer : Co-
Architecture : amd64
Version :
License : Proprietary
Interface : Multilingual

- Explore a world where no two islands are the same
- Build a home, from a flimsy palm leaf hut to a solid mud brick house
- Craft spears, axes, bows, guns and more - everything you find can be made into something useful
- explore the underwater world and land, craft the necessary tools and weapons, build a shelter
- be vigilant: monitor your health, hunger and thirst, heal broken bones and stop bleeding
- build a raft with sails, canopies, storage, anchors, outboard motors and much more , and if boat trips aren't for you, then fly by building an autogyro
- dive in search of sunken ships, abandoned shelters of former survivors, or look for rare sea creatures
- grow plants and root crops
- hunt and fish: many kinds of fish, sharks and animals such as birds, snakes and lizards
- fight one of 3 bosses, win and get a reward
- create your world with the island map editor and survive on it
- the game scenario will allow you to complete a number of additional tasks and move around the world for the sake of salvation
- a joint game on a split screen and much more

Extras :
Tested on Linux Mint 21, Manjaro 21.3.6.


Installation method :

  1. Make the file executable in its properties and run it.
  2. Run the file from the terminal in the current directory:bash ./file_nameMore info:bash ./file_name -h
Хэтэвчнээс төлөх (Үнэ 4000.00 төг)
  • Нэг удаа таталт хийхэд таны хэтэвчнээс 4000.00 төг хасагдана.
  • Төлбөр хийгдсэнээс хойш 24 цагийн дотор контентын харгалзах файлыг 8 удаагийн оролдлогоор татаж авах ёстой ба хугацаа хэтэрсэн болон 8 аас дээш удаа амжилтгүй оролдлого хийсэн тохиолдолд татаж авах боломжгүй болохыг анхаарна уу.